March 9, 2009

You bet it's an X-man!


Gambit version 2
I did get a good number of requests for this guy and here he is finally - the card throwing cajun member of the X-men. I understand he's in the new Wolverine movie. I guess we'll see how that turns out, but I do enjoy the comic version of him.

Now you don't need to request him anymore. This is a side-project folks! You people are ruthless!

heh heh, just kidding.

Kind of :)

EDIT; heh, you often don't realize the little details you can miss, something didn't quite look right, now I just noticed that Gambit's ear is supposed to be poking out on the side there, so I fixed that. Later!

EDIT AGAIN; Sigh. I had a comment from an anonymous person who pointed out Gambit's eyes, how they're supposed to be kinda red with black instead of the whites and I guess he's right. I've seen that myself before, but that never occurred to me when doing it. He's a bit creepier looking that way, so heck, here's both of them to choose what you like. Later!


  1. this is definitely one of my favorites that you've done! great job dean! keep them coming!

  2. He was just in the latest episode of Wolverine & The X-Men too...

  3. Wow!!!!!!!

    u are the best!!!!! Gambit is a Pocchieeee!!! XDDD

    Pochiee is a kind of "macarra" in spain xDDD "macarra" is a drogadit with one knife! xDDDDDD

    Can you simpsonize "Dante" or "Kratos"??? they are characters from Sony Ps3 videogames!!

    Dante -> Devil May Cry(Quatrilogy)
    Kratos -> God Of War (Trilogy!)

    Great JOB!

  4. oh thanks, i'm one of them and i'm very happy with the char, great job!

  5. Nice job. Hey how about a Deadpool? He's also in the Wolverine movie coming up.

  6. This site is terrific! Do you have any plans to do the cast of LOST?

  7. Could you do the cast of Groundhog day? I frekin' love that movie and I'm willing to do anything for 'em!

  8. Great Job!
    How about Terminator Salvation characters?

  9. Great job! Although, his eyes are a little off... they should be red and the whites are supposed to be black.

  10. WOW!
    Thank you. This just made my day. Ive been waiting for this since the month of marvel.

    ps- I know Ive asked before, but since requesting pictures work, how about movie versions of Watchmen. You did an outstanding job on the comic version, Id love to see yellow characters clad in the movie costumes. Thanks.

  11. damn, hate to leave another comment just to tell you that his middle finger and thumb should be fully gloved, only his pointer and pinky fingers are exposed. maybe to nit-picky, but equally as important as his red eyes. just thought id let you know. sorry. feel free to ignore this.

  12. Arg, yep, you're right Jorel. As soon as I read your comment I realised you were right LOL. Anyway, I fixed it. Hopefully.

  13. dude! great edits...quick you do these by hand, and just scan them in?

  14. cool, I love your blog

    can you do x-men's psylocke?

    british and asian reditions :)

    And also the cast of lost!!!

  15. AWESOME! Yes, Psylocke please!!

  16. im a big jubilee fan! PELASE!

    btw, all are awesome!

  17. Love it! Gambit is my second favorite X-Man, after Collosus.

  18. any chance for a Bullseye rendering? not the crappy Colin Farrel one, either...the bad @$$ one in the dark costume.

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  19. hey Dean i am just a new fan of yours. i discovered you yesterday and i think that you've done amazing. As a new fan may i ask a for something from you ?? Could you please draw Ultimate Marvel characters especially Gambit, Angel and Thor.