May 26, 2009

LOST week; Day 2

Charlie Pace

Ok, If you're just watching LOST season 3 for the first time on dvd or re-runs or something, stop reading now.

Well, we don't see much of Charlie (or "Chaaalay" as Claire would say) on the show these days except for his occasional posthumous conversation with Hurley. What's up with that, by the way? At any rate, I really like how his character has progressed and grown, and I think Charlie has probably had the greatest death in the show thus far. If I had to go out, I'd hope it was some way like that.

Anyway, I doubt Hurley is done with the 'visions', so I'm betting we'll see more of Charlie.

Update: As per some some suggestions, here's another variation of Charlie -


  1. Really nice. :)

    By the way, I'm sure you're planning a LOST wallpaper when this week is due, right? RIGHT? :)

  2. I agree, lost wallpapeR!!!

    Faraday & Jacob! Please!!!!!!!! You've started something here, lots of cool charecters! Too many faves, please do them ALL!!!!

    Brilliant work! My favourite work of yours so far!

  3. The thought of a wallpaper did cross my mind, yeah...

  4. I think all of your work is great, and having LOST as a theme tweaks all the right geek nerves for me.

    I'm really hoping you do a Jack with a variant or two (especially bearded Jack).

    Keep up the great work!


    PLEASE do one of Juliet, I beg you!!!!

  6. Faraday! YES! I second this idea.
    These are so great!

  7. Hurley was good but Charlie looks great! I bet even Dominic Monaghan would like it.
    After seeing an odd ABC advert lately that had Charlie in it...something tells me we just might see him again.

    After all, what does death really mean on the island?

  8. I'm listening in my head..
    You all, everybody!!!!

  9. Terrific (as Charlie would say).

    The only thing is, you got the shoes wrong... He needs his classic slip on canvas black and white checkered Vans!

    I can't wait to see the rest!

  10. flippin awesome! you should add the little statue with the heroin inside it. haha. great work! can't wait to see tomorrow's!

  11. it is a great job for sure, beside i'm a fan of simpsons. you couldn't expect an other reaction :)

  12. Awesome Charlie is the best!!

  13. Bah! John Locke is the Island God! ;) Brilliant work!

  14. these are amazing!
    LOST is my favorite show!

  15. Brilliant job!

    Please included a bearded Jack (crying) at some point.

    Made of win.

  16. Charlie's death is a great moment (so if you could do a "Not Penny's boat" version...)
    But if you saw last season finale, you know there's a new contender.Not to spoil anything, but his/her name already on the comments.
    And I support Faraday's version, Jacob's too soon yet

  17. Love them all - will share them will my lost friends on the forum - can't wait to see who you do next!!!

  18. Love the "vans" shoes you have on Charlie!