August 17, 2009

To Batman, and BEYOND!

Batman Beyond, Old Bruce Wayne, Ace the Bat-Hound

Hey all, I'm still here! I know it's been a fair break since last post but, it's just summer, you know?

Anyway, I wanted to share some characters from Batman Beyond. I thought it was a cool and stylish cartoon. While I'm not sure if I want it to be THE 'canon future' for Batman or not, I really did enjoy it's take on the whole mythos.

I think Terry's Batman suit is cool looking and rather brilliant in it's simplicity.

The old version of Bruce Wayne has got to be my favorite thing of the show, he was just so... Bruce Wayne-y. Ace rocks too :)


  1. Ace rocks for me too! Haha. Nice Bruce, by the way!

  2. awww yeah, Ace. I'm glad you're back!

  3. Your old Bruce Wayne is just perfect.

  4. I liked Terry's suit too. I just saw an episode of this last weekend, but I can't remember which cable cartoon channel it was on. I'm on the fence about this being the "be all, end all" future canon too. With Batman Beyond, I liked the unique twists of not really being one person to take over where the Joker left off, I think it was like a whole gang (It's funny, when it first came out, that was the thing I didn't like about the cartoon. Now, I'm beginning to see how unique that approach actually was.). At some point, I lost track of the comics, so I'm not sure how different writers, and timelines varied. I have some of the alternate timeline Batman stuff, but not all. Glad to see a new post from you. I also love how you make people think and reminisce. Lol, I forgot the dog's name. Beautiful job on Ace.

    Thanks again

  5. Hey there!
    Just discovered your site. Wonderful stuff, and a great idea!
    Look forward to stopping back often.

  6. The way Ace stares at me is just gloo-ri-us.
    It makes me think, do I want Beyond to be canon?
    Nah, I like it anyways, even though I abso-freakin-lutely hated the cartoon as a young Shelly.

    ah, and I forgot to say how great your work is and all that Blues.

  7. Awesome work, as usual!! greetings from Venezuela

  8. I love them, you´ve done them very cool. YOU HAVE A LOT OF TALENT ^^

  9. WOW! ive just found your blog, Dude you got some amazing talent, ive dabbled in trying simpsonzing and its not easy as people think it is. With that said I get on my knees and bow to your greatness.

    I know you dont take requests as its hobbie but your lacking the icon of the 80's dude. If your from my generation theres been one guy thats had the abilty to bring some of the best characters to life during the 80's and thats Kurt Russell:

    MacReady - The Thing
    Snake Plissken - Escape From New York
    Jack Burton - Big trouble in little china (all the characters from that movie are worthy to be punxed)
    Captain Ron - Snake Plissken on vacation!!

    id love see any.. No all those to be punxed. As they are worthy of space on the wall of fame. Dont get me started on the lost genuis of 80's legend Chevy Chase that be for another day. Keep up the great work.

  10. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase do Billy Connoly :D

  11. I am new to your wonderful art. I found it accidentally when I was looking for Doctor Who Wallpaper and found your incredible work. I thought it was an official piece from Mat himself!

    As I have been going through this blog I wondered if you could draw simsonised animal. Well you can!

    So next I'm wondering if you have ever tried your hand at stuff like Duck tales and Darkwing duck, all those wonderful disney programmes through the 90s.