January 19, 2010

Don't Be Cruel

Elvis Presley

My earliest recollection of Elvis music was probably some of his cuter tunes like Teddy Bear and Love me Tender, as well as a sampling of his gospel tunes.

I came along far after the Elvis phenomenon had happened, but if there is any fair comparison to what it was like when Michael Jackson was at his peak, I think I can get somewhat of a grasp of the magnitude that this whole thing was in regards to pop culture impact.

I'm probably never going to make a pilgrimage to Graceland or skydive in a white rhinestone jumpsuit, but I do think Elvis is a figure surely worthy of being Simpsonized.

On another note, I was sent a link from Jenni of some really neat Simpsons art in the form of tattoos, one of which you would have seen in that recent 20th Anniversary TV special.

You can check out the link by clicking on the image;


  1. I was 10 when Elvis died. The reaction in the public/media was very similar to when Michael Jackson died. Only there was 100% less internet back then!

    Love your art--always interested to see what you tackle next.

  2. Nice work! The King lives on.

  3. Green Arrow, buffy the vampire slayer, Heroes, Star Wars,... !

  4. Tats have alway fascinated me, thanks for posting the link...

    Very cool Simpsonized Elvis, a friend and I were just talking about him, I'll definitely have to show her this.

    Another stellar job, Dean!

  5. Nice Elvis!!!

    When can we enjoy an Elvis trilogy: Elvis in Jailhouse Rock, Elvis in the NBC comeback and Elvis in Las Vegas???

    It is only an idea and also a wish...

  6. I like you paint Ozzy osbourne, lemmy from Motorhead, Freddy mercury, Kiss, Megadeth (dave Mustaine), etc

    Congatulations from your page

  7. How bout David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust?

  8. Really like your Elvis. It's an amazing likeness! Keep up the good work.