March 3, 2010

Christopher Nolan Bat-Week Day 3


Scarecrow in the Batman Begins and TDK is a bit of a departure from the comic version visually, but within the world Nolan has created with his Bat-movies, it makes perfect sense to me.

Plus, Cillian Murphy can play 'creepy guy' really well.


  1. Cillian Murphy is creepy indeed. Nice work. I can't wait for more!

  2. I'm not sure if you're a gamer or not, but Scarecrow in "Batman: Arkham Asylum" was extremely creepy. And almost as diabolical as the Joker in that game.

    The Scarecrow "dream" sequences in the game have to be some of my favourite parts of the whole experience.

    I think he has the potential to be a deep, complex character and, like you, I think that got handled very well by Nolan (and in the video game).

  3. awesome dude !! .. What you think a wallpaper with METALLICA ? ..

  4. Looks like guy from Halloween's movie- Trick 'r Treat!!!