May 13, 2011


Captain Marvel

To fulfill a suggestion in part, here's the Big Red Cheese himself - DC Comic's other strongman, Captain Marvel.

I wish this guy got more press than he does, and I find the concept of the character really interesting - and it's territory that could be very cool to explore in a movie.


  1. Amazing! this is so cool I've been a fan of the Big Red Cheese.

  2. Love me some captain marvel.
    Can we get some miracleman/marvelman, kid miracleman action?

  3. I Agree Captain Marvel Film would be awesome can we get some Black Adam? tomoz maybe? pleaaaasssseeee!!!

  4. Funny enough there's a half hour film called Superman/Shazaam the return of Black Adam. It's got some great action and two other short stories.

  5. Desearía ver un dibujo del Capitán Marvel, pero el Marvel de Marvel, el guerrero Kree que murió de cáncer, en sus dos versiones (o tres): verde-blanco, rojo-azul pelo plata y rojo-azul rubio.