July 22, 2011

Some Doctor Who Fan Art

I wanted to quickly share some Doctor Who fan art I received that I thought was cool...
First up is this great image put together by Dave;
(Click images to enlarge)

...and this one from Wes from the Omega Podcast

Last but not least, Larry has sent this awesome image here. He also did one you can find here with an animated TARDIS

See ya folks!


  1. Re-Posting this... thanks Dean!

  2. They're great! Congratulations!

    P.S.: Could I make a request? John Simm's Master, please!!! ^_^

  3. YEAHHH! So excited for the new DW this fall.
    -Lorelei AKA GalaxyGirl

  4. i agree!!!! how could you leave out martha!!!!!??????!!!!!!?????

  5. Is there any non "white-only" version of the last image?

    It is quite "curious" the only main missing characters are Martha and Mickey.

  6. Viktor, I didn't make that one, I'm just posting people's fan art. Anybody is free to make a wallpaper of their own and send it in, go for it if you'd like. As long as it's not lewd or something, I'll probably post it. I imagine Larry didn't include Mickey because I haven't drawn Mickey yet, just as I still haven't drawn a bunch of other Who characters.

    I've earlier posted a wallpaper I've made myself that has Martha right there in it. Feel free to use that one if you prefer it.