October 4, 2011

Whosday; Odds and Ends

Hey Whovians! Today I'm posting an oft-requested version of Rory - "Stag Party Rory" (Let's see them make an action figure of that!) as well as the Doctor in his full "The Wedding of River Song" get-up.

In addition, today I'll also feature the following;

I haven't followed the Torchwood show, but A SP reader named Craig has used some Punx to put together a Torchwood image featuring Gwen Cooper...
Here's a little gem discovered online by SP reader "Roman" - It's Medvedev and Putin! Anybody know who created this one?
I was also contacted by Next Media Animation (aka The Taiwanese Animators - stuff I LOVE to watch) and pointed to their animated video response to the faux Taiwanese animation segment seen on the Simpsons recently! It's fantastic, watch it!


  1. Medvedev and Putin was created by Egor Zhgun http://zhgun.ru/

  2. Correct me if Im wrong but... the Centurion version of Rory is still missing in here

  3. First of all we need a Rory from The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood!
    Craig Owens!
    And Z3Ro centurion Rory has been done at the very beggining of WHOSdays: