April 9, 2013

Battle of the Planets? Sure, I Gatchaman!

Gatchaman's Mark (the "Eagle outfit" leader)


Well, Gatchaman (fully titled "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" - and "Battle of the Planets" as it was adapted to for us English-speakers) was something I'm certainly too young to really be nostalgic about, and haven't watched much of it at all, to be accurate. Nonetheless, I know many have great fondness for the show, and I can't deny how uniquely cool the G-Force's costumes are.

Perhaps I'll do more Battle of the Planets characters if people are interested.


  1. Battle of the Planets is a great blast from my past. G-Force was one of my favourite cartoons growing up. I remember seeing a programme a few years ago when they discussed the changes that had to be made to the original Japanese Version when it was sold to the west. The Baddy Zolta was a bit too transgender if I remember, and some of the characters language was considered too rude. Also the violence was seen as a bit too full on. That is why the Camp Robot 7 ZARK 7 was introduced in the western version, as this help fill the gaps caused by the excessive editing cuts that were made. I always thought that the Zark parts did not flow too well, and looked like they had been pasted in. Which was what they really were. Thanks Dean for a great memory jog. Best Wishes Noel

  2. Now that you've started I expect we'll see the rest in time!

  3. BotP was one of my favorites in grade school. I got a DVD awhile back that has the same episodes of BotP and Gatchaman on it so you can watch them back to back and see the differences.

  4. Yes yes and yes. Please more.