September 4, 2013

Super Mario's Bowser!


The big baddie from the Super Mario Bros. games, it's Bowser - a character who has been a nemesis to many of us growing up. But hey, what would we do without ya, Bowser?

(click image to see full size) 

I also today wanted to share with you the Indiegogo crowdfunding project from SP friend Dave Nagel, it's a Doctor Who parody film called "Little Who of Terror" which looks to be really cool! Some backers will even get a Chibi drawing of themself as a reward. Check it out at

And another SP friend named Veysel has been working on his vector Simpsons artwork and has shared his awesome progress with us! He's done a Bart and Homer, as well as the ninja I did in my tutorial How To Draw Eye-Catching Cartoons (The Springfield Punx Way) Thanks Veysel! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing my drawings Dean.It's me Veysel I was too lazy to open a Google Account so I'm writing this message as Anonymous :D