May 10, 2014

They call him "Deathstroke"...

Arrow's Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
I didn't start watching "Arrow" when it began, but during this 2nd season, I went back and watched it from the beginning - and wow, what a cool show. The cast puts everything they have into it, and it really really works. Yeah, it's a little too "soap-opera-ish" in the first season, but have to say, it's got great action, characters, and compelling story, and I'm having a great time with it!

And if you ask me, Slade Wilson might be the best villain on TV right now.


  1. Can you make Captain Harlock and his crew members please

  2. Your works are awesome! Could you please do the Amazing Spider man 2 characters like Peter Parker,Gwen Stacy,Rhino,Electro,Max Dillon,Green Goblin and Harry Osborn?

  3. Hey don't forget The Big Red Car from The Wiggles

  4. Make the billy wintergreen one with the balaclava