November 7, 2014

Doctor Who's "Missy"

Doctor Who's mysterious "Missy"

...Well, we've had the big reveal, Missy is the Mistress is the MASTER! This time the Master comes looking like a twisted maniacal Mary Poppins, but the good Doctor will have to deal with her all the same. Should be interesting, no?


  1. Wow, fantastic as ever Dean! What's your opinion on the female Master? I think it's one of the best ideas the show has had in years. And Gomez is perfect in the role.

    Would love to see a version of her smirking menacingly! That would be awesome!

    1. Having not seen a lot of classic who, I'm not as up on what the Master was like until "Nu Who", but in any case I'm willing to wait and see what happens with the female Master to decide what I think. She definitely has a creepy evil way about her.

      A smirking version sounds like a good idea, I might just do that sometime...

  2. I can't believe the Master is now a woman

  3. I'm making a request, Metal gear solid! Meta gear simpsons v: The phantom duff!

  4. She's fantastic in the role and they've now opened the door for the Doctor to become a woman at some point.

  5. Please, do Ainley's Master version =\