April 27, 2015

10th Doctor's Space Suit

10th Doctor in space suit

It felt like time for something Doctor Who, so I figured a David Tennant in the space suit might be fun. And for good measure, a few more 10th Doctors...


  1. Can you draw the Sixth Doctor wearing a black suit?

  2. Please do Scarlet Witch, Quciksilver and Ultron from Age of Ultron!

  3. Can you please do a:
    12 (space suit)
    12 (space suit with helmet)
    11 (space suit)
    11 (space suit with helmet)
    Clara (space suit)
    Clara (space suit with helmet)
    Orson Pink (space suit)
    Orson Pink (space suit with helmet)

  4. Thanks for doing all of this Dean! Hopefully we can get some more Dr Who monsters and Aliens coming up. Would love to see your take on the Boneless, Skovox Blitzer, or The Teller...and many more!