August 28, 2015

Star Wars; Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren (from Star Wars; The Force Awakens)

Well, apparently this is a new bad guy from the upcoming Star Wars film. I know next to nothing about him except that he looks pretty cool. I guess we'll all find out more about him soon enough!

Check out this great Punx drawing of DC Comics character Lobo by Josh, nice!


  1. That looks so cool I can't wait for the new film any chance of a Han or chewie oraye even a first order stormtropper

  2. This looks to be one of your best Dean! Absolutely love it! Any chance of seeing a Han and Chewie anytime soon? And did you ever get round to having a play with the idea of Seventh Doctor variants?

    1. You have good timing Sam, I had just decided to do that for the next post!
      Thanks again for your help with them...