April 30, 2016


Doomsday (from DC's Superman Comics)

It's been a long time coming for this guy, but here he is. I had been reading comics as a kid for a while, but The Death of Superman (where Doomsday first showed up) probably marked the time when I really started *collecting* comics. I remember the black poly-bagged Superman #75, the frenzy to pick up the issues, and the news reports on tv and everything. They were interesting times to be a comic fan indeed...

Also today, check out this cool fan work! First is this great rendition of "Badaboum" the former Qu├ębec Nordiques NHL hockey mascot by Alexandre! And hey, maybe "Badaboum" will return to the city some day soon!

And also today, check out this DBZ-Hulk-y looking guy by Craig! Nice work dude! 


  1. Cool it looks alot like the comic version

  2. Awesome doomsday any thoughts of re-doing the ghostbusters with the new team added

  3. Do Bucky Barnes from civil war or crossbones

  4. Do another civil war character :)