May 25, 2016

Doctor Who's New Companion

Bill (new Doctor Who Companion)
Well, at this point I have no idea what the story is with this new companion, why she dresses like she's from the 80's and why her name is "Bill"... Guess we'll see, but we're not getting much in the way of Doctor Who this year, so it's not gonna be for a while yet...


  1. Maybe the Doctor won't be obsessed with 2017 London, but instead 1980's Britain!

  2. Great work Dean - she looks perfect! But I have to ask... five fingers on her right hand? Shouldn't it be four?

    Either way - fab work!

    1. Sam, you're right! I must have been drawing too many 5-fingered people this past week. I'll have to fix that, thanks.

  3. Hello Dean. As always excellent stuff. Question? Have you see the Doctor Who Spin off "Class"?

  4. How about the cigarette smoking man from the x files?

    Could add the 13th doctor as well