November 18, 2016

Static Shock

Static Shock (cartoon version)

On a great suggestion by 'Mal Moolah McFly', here's a cool character with a devoted following, Static Shock! I remember seeing him in cartoons years ago, I'm pretty sure he even had an animated team-up with Batman!

...And on a Simpsons related note for trivia game fans, SP visitor named Jean wrote in about a new Simpsons trivia game app called Springfield Mania, and it looks pretty cool!


  1. What if Static Shock joined The Avengers?

  2. Dean ahve you thought any more about a Daenerys Tarharyen Punx?

  3. Replies
    1. Don't forget to ask Dean to give The Wiggles their own punx.
      25 years means everything to them as a milestone

  4. Hi Dean, LOVE your illustrations!
    Can you please make Negan from the walking dead?
    Thanx a lot

  5. Daenerys targaryen from game of thrones plz :) keep up the good work

  6. That was my idea thanks for drawingetting it...very slick bout avengers wallpaper with every member including black panther vision wasp..etc

  7. Hey, how about a superhero black history month? Shoot me a email if you need some ideas