September 28, 2008

Spidey Movies

Spider-man, Black Suit Spider-man, J. Jonah Jameson

My take:

Spider-man 1 - good

Spider-man 2 - awesome

Spider-man 3 - ugh, what happened? And the trailer looked so amazing too!

Anyway, I thought J.K. Simmons as Jameson was a bright spot through all 3 movies, and his appearance on the Simpsons (as shown here) was a real treat.

And I wanted to add - Kudos to the movie folks for keeping Spidey's suit the classic look! You could have gone in some bizarre "re-imagined" direction, but you kept to the comic book design while still making it modern and cool looking. Just wanted to say thanks for that.



  1. Spidey is cool, but I want Punisher like in the Simpsons

  2. Awesome work as always! :)

  3. I concur with your in-depth analysis of the three Spider-Man movies. For some reason, a lot of my friends liked the first one more, but as you say, the second was indeed "awesome" in comparison.

  4. Ah... my fav superhero. Been a Spidey fan since I was five, when I used to watch reruns of the 60s animated series during the mid 80s. After growing up and reading Stan Lee's run of the Amazing Spider-Man is what really hooked me to the character and comics.

    Second one is my fav Spider-Man film. And yeah the costume is the one of best costume translations from comic to screen. One of the things that bugged me in all the Spidey movies is the lack of wise cracks. I hope they do a better sequel than Spider-Man 3.

    Oh and the Spider-Man costume (blue red) you have drawn is cool, what caught my attention was the blue color of the costume. At first it looks plain, on closer viewing it appears you have added that detailed grid texture design to it. Very well done :).

    Looking forward to Oct 1.