September 16, 2008

Will Superman Return?

Superman (movie), Lex Luthor (movie)

So was Superman Returns as a false start for the franchise? I donno. I thought it had some interesting elements and some cool moments. In retrospect, I'm not sure how I feel about the kid though. Did they paint the franchise into a corner?

I don't really have a problem with Brandon Routh, I like him. Hopefully they'll let him throw some punches if he's around for another film.

If they did decide to re-reboot the series I think I could live with that, as long as they find the right director who can do as good a job with Supes as Chris Nolan has with Batman. But you don't need to rush it, WB.


  1. these are great! I have another challenge for you:

    Every X-Men ever!!! starting from X-men 1 with the classic costumes! I am sure this will not take you more than a week! (oh don't forget the NEWXMEN from the morrison run!)

  2. The not throwing a punch is a common complaint for Superman Returns, but what people don't relieve is that in the 1st superman movie he doesn't throw a punch either. Yet everyone praises that movie.

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  4. Yeah Routh wasn't the problem, it was the script and Singer's execution. They shouldn't have tied it to the Donner films. And the whole love triangle and the kid was bound to create problems for the sequel. They should have rebooted the franchise in the first place. I hope they bring Routh back. And hopefully a more powerful super villian.

    Oh and they should bring the classic costume colors back. Blue and Red. Not Blue and Maroon.

  5. This is my favorite one. I'm a huge Superman fan.

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  7. "Superman Returns"
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