October 2, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 2

Iron Man

I guess Iron Man has received a lot more attention now due to the movie, and good for him! Here he is in his more classic look.

Most of these Marvel guys this month will be in their classic duds. The classic looks are simpler, usually more recognisable, and they make for better translations to a Simpson-y style.


  1. Woohoo... classic all the way.. glad to know more characters will be that way.

    Fans in US have so many options to chose from to buy the Iron Man DVD retail exclusives.

  2. Great work !
    My favorite Marvel Heroe ! Will you draw the other armors ? (just kidding...)

  3. Like the work. Any chance (once October is over) that you could do V?

  4. Very nice, I am looking forward to the rest of this month. Keep up the good work!

  5. Spectacular!

    I'm Italian and this is my favourite blog

    All your images became my desktop wallpaper :D

    Now I have Jocker to the left and Skeletor on the right, with the background white!

    Everyday I white a new surprise on your blog

    Thank you