October 4, 2008

Month of MARVEL: Day 4

Luke Cage

Sweet Christmas! It's Marvel's grooviest heavyweight, Luke Cage!

I thought I heard they were making a Luke Cage movie too. I'm thinking they'll probably go for a different look for the movie :) Although if they did go with this look, I'd definately go watch it!


  1. I#ve never heard of him. Sure, you didn't make that up? ;-)

  2. your blog is awesome.
    my congratulations.
    i hope the next is ... Iron Fist?

  3. One of the coolest look of the 70's marvels!
    I imagine the film in a blaxploitation style with a funky OST.

  4. Yeah if they do go with that costume and headband.. the movie definitely would need a funky soundtrack :)

  5. you should definitly do the new luke cage. much cooler and more attitude.

  6. also, if you dont know Lukes powers. he is impenetrable. nothing can break his skin. thats a good thing to have.