September 28, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 1

Juliet Burke
Hey all, Springfield Punx is back with Lost Week 2!

First up is Dr. Juliet Burke. I guess her status on the show is as 'up in the air' as everything else considering that last season finale. There's also the fact that the actress Elizabeth Mitchell looks to be starring in ABC's "V" as well, so I'm not sure how much more we'll see of her.

At any rate, Juliet really seems to have brought out the 'softer' side of Sawyer, quite the feat if you ask me. Elizabeth Mitchell did a great job injecting (doctor pun) life and intelligence into Juliet, and there's still more about her past and connections to Ben Linus that I'd like to know.

And as a bonus, I gave in and threw together the requested 'shirtless' Sawyer in all his yellow glory, to go with Juliet. And before anyone starts - No, don't bother asking for shirtless versions of the ladies, this ain't that kind of party :)
If you'd like, you can see the first Lost Week Punx here.

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. The expression on her face...Oh wow! That's perfect...I'm very much looking forward to seeing which Lost character you draw next.

  2. Wow you caught Juliet's facial expression PERFECTLY.

  3. oh my god!!! Lost week 2!!! Thank you very much!!!!

  4. Thank you :) Juliet is perfect :)

  5. Yay! More LOST characters.
    But ummm... Why is her neck so tall? Sorry, but it looks a little off. :P

  6. Sweet! I was excited to see an update & doubly excited that you're doing more LOST stuff.

    I look forward to the rest of the week, good sir. :)

  7. dare i believe it? another week of lost?! i'm so excited! thanks for getting my rainy week off to such a great start!!

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  9. Cool stuff Jenea! Thanks for visiting!

  10. You got that right, Danny boy!
    And no topless ladies? Ah, alrite.
    I can live with that. After all, it's a nice blog, right?

  11. Elizabeth Mitchell?! Are you the real one?

    Regardless, Thanks for the kind feedback!

  12. You do perfect her expression
    I want more Lost characters!
    You can do:
    *Mr Eko
    *Ana Lucia
    I hope you like the Ideas

  13. Dude, you caught that little sneer of hers perfectly! Congrats!!!

  14. Well, I would call it a 'smirk', but...

  15. Ah that's great! Her smirk is perfect. One quibble though- Juliet has totally bigger boobs than what you gave her.