September 29, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 2

Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin is really a likeable guy to me. I love the way he smiles. He seems very protective of Sun, which is admirable, I just hope it doesn't get him into too much trouble. His english is really coming along nicely too.

I wouldn't mind Jin playing an even bigger role in this upcoming season, I think there's a lot left that the character can offer. I think he'd kick butt if you really let him loose.


  1. I absolutely agree Jin is one of the best characters in the series. He is so real and likeable.

  2. Your the best Dean, a real pro.:D Hope you will do Claire and Desmond:D

  3. Hello Dean,
    W-O-W!!! I just found your blog and your amazing creations!!! (I feel sorry for not knowing earlier...) Love everyone of them, but my favorites are: BATMAN, SPIDERMAN, LOST, TURTLES... and more. (Of course I love the Simpsons)
    I love the fact that you have a 80s love too! Well, anyway, I have some new ideas for you (I'd be super-happy to see them):
    1) LORD OF THE RINGS characters (please start with the Fellowship of the Ring 9 companions)
    3) MADONNA (80s,90s,00s)(The Frozen video appearence would be awesome!)
    4) STAR WARS
    I hope you have the time and art creativity to make some of these...
    Thanks for your works,

  4. I think Jin is one of the best characters in the series too. Awesome job!

  5. Aloha Man!!! you can draw me!? Please Dean

    I will put your work in my blog! ;)

  6. I think you should do all Losties from the new Season 6 Picture, and when you have all done, you can put it all together in one group photo, would look awsome, if you dont know what i mean here the link:

  7. You got that right, Billie Chin!
    A poster would look great. Looks like you gots yourselves some new feedback on the blog, huh?

  8. if i were a billionaire (in addition to building and living in my very own bag end, complete with movie theatre and karaoke room) i would pay you double what you ask for to quit your day job and do this full time.

    it's so fun to watch my favourite pop culture icons collide in such fun and interesting ways. your simpsonised colbert was my desktop wallpaper at work for ages. thanks for doing what you do!

  9. LOL! I'd be tempted to take you up on that juicygi! My only question would be about retaining my sanity doing this full time. But who knows, it might be worth it LOL!