October 26, 2009

Contest Frustration...

Recently I was directed to a cool new contest at http://www.thesimpsons.com/character/ where you get to come up with a new Simpsons character! Apparently the winner will have their creation appear in an upcoming episode, as well as a trip to LA to meet with a Simpsons artist and other stuff! Sounds cool, right?

I loved the idea, but wouldn't you know it - yep, looks like only U.S. Residents are eligible. D'oh! ...The plight of the Canadian I guess.

So then I figured 'heck, it might be a fun exercise, why not just do it anyway and post it on your blog?' So I went for it. ...and maybe just to throw it back at them, I gave my character an admittedly Canadian flair...
Click images to enlarge

Name: HockeyFight Phil (or Slewfoot Phil, still deciding which I like best)
Known Aliases: Phil McGrattzky
Age: 39
Occupation, If Any: Former Canadian hockey player/part time senior care worker
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Red
Body Type: Canadian Hulk
Blood Type: Maple
Distinguishing Features: Missing teeth, persistent black eye, unwashed hockey uniform
Last Seen: At the zoo, yelling obscenities at the zebras...
Last Heard: 'Firmly' informing Homer Simpson, "You got 13 items, eh?" at the express checkout.
Known Catchphrases: "HOCKEY FIGHT!"
Other info: Beware, Phil may occasionally be slightly 'off' with regards to mental state, likely due to a few too many collisions throughout his career. He may exhibit quite the temper.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me folks! I don't know if my idea is the best, but I appreciate being able to share it with you. You still have a day or 2 left, so I hope you U.S. Residents enter the contest with all your creative ideas and make me proud! later!


  1. It's really strange. I think all the characters you do yourself look picture perfect but the Homer you put into this drawing looks off. I think it's the mouth or the stubble area around it, something is kinda off.

    I don't want to critique, really, I just wanted to point it out in case you didn't notice yourself. Sorry.

  2. awesome! wow, great work, as usual. too bad you can't enter, total bull. i would send a strongly worded letter to groening, were i you.

  3. I'm really sorry about that, but thanks for the heads up!

  4. Hi Dean!!! I wish you good luck!!!
    Your idea is very cool and Awesome!!! I am from Europe and I don't know " I can to participate in it or no?"

    I love Hockey, and every winter I with my dad go on lake, to play in Hockey!!!! It very nise sport!
    I like Your joke with "Canadian Hulk", ha ha ha :)

  5. Love it! I thought "Calgary Hitmen" when I first saw the jersey! :)

    Also, as a fellow Canadian, it also drives me nuts that I can't be included in some contests!

    Hopefully someone from Fox will see this and bend the rules a little for you. :)

    Cheers, and keep 'em coming!

  6. Awesome character man! I can totally see this guy in the Simpsons universe.

  7. Its a conspiracy I tell you - LOL - never lettting us talented Canadians enter anything. I love Phil - he's awesome.

  8. I think that would be a great character on the Simpsons. For all the Canada jokes they do on the show, I'm surprised they've never had a recurring Canadian character.

  9. AWESOME! It be great if they liked this so much that they let you in! Also, you've put too much work in this character for it not to return. More Slewfoot Phil!

  10. Thanks for all the encouragement guys! It'll be interesting to see what cool ideas other people come up with.

  11. I entered the crazy cat lady who is never seen without her umbrella hat! Unfortunately, you can only enter the info about the character, not the drawing. Bummer, cause I know crazy cat lady would win, then I could take you to LA when "we" (you) win.

  12. Damn! He's tall!

    It's a shame the contest is only for "United Statesians"

  13. I wonder is Puerto Rico is allowed...
    Still, I will be entering, as soon as I find the official rules.

  14. Never mind, the deadlines over. Dagnabbit!

  15. I like your character, if they do this again, they need to change the rules so that everyone can participate. They don't realize that they cut out a lot of good artists when they exclude like that.

  16. Hi Dean!!! What you doing in Halloweens night?
    Look here( what you think about it?):


  17. i like your character very much, its really nice creativity

  18. I personally would love to see ALL your characters on the Simpsons. Your characters fair jump off the page (o.k. monitor then) with all the detail and life you put into them.

    And I share your frustration with teh interwebz; many a time I have been faced with "not available outside the US".

  19. I have to say that I really enjoy seeing the process - the sketches - and then the final work. I often wonder how the artist creates his art.

  20. PLEASE!! Make Edward scissorhands characters!!

  21. Buenas noches Dean:

    Tan sólo decirte que sigas alegrándonos con tus estupendos trabajos y que el verdadero premio lo has conseguido hace mucho tiempo. Ese premio es el reconocimiento de tantos anónimos seguidores alrededor del mundo.

    Como ves te escribo estas líneas en mi lengua natal desde España, un trozo de Europa que aprecia el trabajo de creadores como tú sin importar de dónde son.

    Un abrazo y gracias,

    Ángel Marcos

  22. hey dean. i like your simpsonized characters very well. your phil looks a little bit like homers old neighboor "coach", very tight & aggressive. nice one.

    and plzzz, plzzzzz draw daft punk in your simpson-style ;)

    greetz from germany

  23. 12 items or fewer, surely?