October 2, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 5

Desmond Hume

Desmond is my constant. Brotha.

Every time Desmond on the screen, my eyes are glued. He's mysterious but very likeable, and his love for Penny is inspiring. I really hope the character finds lasting happiness.

Henry Ian Cusick does a fantastic job with the role, but it really threw me for a loop when I saw him on the show initially. I had previously only seen Cusick as Jesus in the really powerful "
The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John", but there he was again, long hair, beard and all. It took a while to get used to :)


  1. Your Desmond is turned very real. He is a very seems like on Henry Ian Cusick. I also love his role!! You know that Henry, will be played soon in the new film about Charles Darwin??? :)

  2. Loving this series. They're all good, but I think Desmondo might be your best so far. Love the beard.

  3. Oh wow! Here's another one where you were just spot on! Desmond is one of my favorite characters too. "The Constant" was definitely one of my favorite eps.

  4. Awesome! love HIC!

  5. I don't have to tell you how much I enjoy your drawings, especially the Lost characters. (Especially the shirtless Sawyer!) But I will anyway. Keep 'em coming! In fairness to the guys, maybe you should draw Sun in a little spaghetti strap tank top. (I have no idea what they're actually called, but I'm sure you know what I mean!)

  6. Loving your Lost characters!! Can you do Desmond in his hatch jumpsuit?

  7. You got that right, Benny Bear.
    Finally. This is da bomb, my homey.
    Ok, so I'm not Kanye West.
    But this makes me just wanna interrup Taylor Swift and say: DEAN'S DESMOND FOR PRESIDENT!
    Ok, so maybe not that.
    But it stills rocks my fox in socks.

  8. How long do you take for one figure?

  9. Hey Dean, your work is fantastic.
    I signed the RSS a some months ago (I think it was before "Month of Marvel") but I never posted a comment here.
    Since I met your blog I wanted a simpson avatar, and I made in a Simpsons site, don't remember the URL.
    Congratulations and greetings from Brazil.
    (Sorry for my poor English)

  10. Yup. This is the MOTHER of all cats' pajamas. Really REALLY great Desmond you did there. My favorite ever.

  11. wait...he played Jesus? Huh. interesting

  12. great job!
    It looks just like him!
    Same to jack, john lock, juliet, jin, hugo and sawyer.

  13. Having worked with Ian on "Gospel of John", I can say that he is not only a wonderful, warm person, but he is also a consummate professional.

    The demands placed on him for that shoot were tremendous - he had tons of dialogue which had to be word perfect, which is not usually the case & he pulled it off brilliantly, especially considering the fact that these words were not written for performance, making it doubly difficult. He worked diligently, with humility and grace.

    Class act all the way - so glad to see his broader success!


  14. Wow, thanks for sharing that pn, that's cool to hear!

    Yeah, he really did do a wonderful job, and I'm not at all surprised to hear that he's a classy guy.

  15. Hey Dean! Thanks for sharing that! I have a copy of the Gospel of John He was riveting in that! I didn't realise he was the some guy in Lost! What an eye opening. In fact I think I'll put it on right now.

    Visual Bible's The Gospel of Matthew is just as inspiring Bruce Machiano's Jesus is incredible The Sermon on the Mount is GREAT! and Matthew chapter 23 had me nearly in tears! Incredibly powerful.

  16. Thanks for posting Glenn, I agree!