June 4, 2010

DC Comics Heroes Wallpaper

Just recently a guy named Paulo from Brazil (http://twitter.com/pauloap) dropped me a line to show me a wallpaper he did featuring a bunch of the DC Comics heroes found on the blog and he did a great job. I definitely thought it was cool enough to share. He did 3 different sizes, check it out -

Click image to enlarge



As a bonus, here is Superman as he appeared (well, minus the Simpson look) in Max Fleischer's amazing Supes cartoons from the 40's. Those animated shorts look so stunning that they still hold up today, they're really beautiful works of art.


  1. Nice one Paulo.

    Dean, thanks for the Fleisher Supe. Those really are great cartoons.

  2. Thanks, Jeff!

    And thanks Dean for publish my image! =D


  3. I think you meant to say, "…Max Fleischer's amazingly racist Supes cartoons from the 40's." Holy smokes! Japanese people were not popular in America in the 40's. Nevertheless, I love the look of them (the cartoon and the people), own them (just the cartoons not the people) and watched the shit out of them when I first saved them from the 99-cent bin at the movie store (should I run the joke into the ground?)!

    Nice work all around.

  4. están geniales...! gracias.. :)

    PD: Han pensado en hacer diseños de Smallville? ;)

  5. Superbe travail, bravo ! Vous mériteriez que Matt Groening inclue vos personnages dans la série... ;)