November 16, 2010

WHOsdays; The Ood

The Ood
(click images to enlarge)

Oh, and don't forget that tonight is Doctor Who Night on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Matt Smith will be his guest!  


  1. ood pictures ! Nuff Said

    Noel 9

  2. I remember Craig Ferguson from the 1991 London west end show revival of The Rock Horror Picture Show when he played Brad.
    What about Punxing The Rocky Horror Lot Or them Desperate Housewives

    Noel 9

  3. rocky horror punx would be AWESOME i know a gal on deviant art (simpsonscameos) who did frank for me

  4. Hello!

    Just like to say that I've been following this for ages on my mobile, and I LOVE it!!! :D So now I've got proper internet on a computer, I'm going to try and work out how to subscribe or something...and leave a comment to show my appreciation...

    Anyhoos, the WHOsdays are EPICALLY awesome! Love every single one! :):):) Seeing the Master punx'd would make my Tuesday, but I know I'm going to adore whatever ones you decide to do!

    Much love for Ood! ^_^

    Keep it up! :D


  5. Have you ever thought about teaming the Ood up with Dr Zoidberg? That'd be fun.

  6. Hi, im looking at the ood cartoon that you drew, and wondering if its ok for me to save the image as reference so i can learn how to draw it on computer? Thanks

    1. Certainly, if you can do so and learn off of it, that's great!