February 4, 2011

Team Conan?

Conan The Barbarian

No, it's not that Conan. I was encouraged by SP follower Mikeyboy to do the cult classic Conan The Barbarian for the blog, and after he kindly sent me his cool Conan as inspiration (below), I figured it would indeed be fun to give it a go. Thanks Mikey!


  1. Awesome looks great thanks for the honorable mention...I'll be sharing with the Followers of "CROM the Ultimate Conan fan blog" .

  2. For fun, you could do Coco the Barbarian AKA Conan O'Brien the Barbarian... Just a fun idea...

  3. what application do you use to make this

  4. Hey, man. Your work is really great, Some friends and I were talking about which other characters will be funny to see "simpsonized". Here´s the list. Maybe you can take some ideas from there:
    Uma Thurman from Kill Bill (yellow costume)
    Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Agents K and J from Men in Black.
    Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, Big Daddy and Red Mist from Kick -Ass.
    V from V for Vendetta (a classic)
    King Leonidas from 300
    Terminator, Alien and Predator.
    Jason vs Freddy
    Lara Croft from Tomb Rider
    Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn, Quorra, Clu and Tron from both movies of Tron.

  5. His sword looks almost identical to He-Man’s Sword of Power.

  6. While you're at it, you could do an Arnie Conan!