January 31, 2011

His Name is Bane


 With the news that Tom Hardy had been cast as Bane (alongside the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman) in Christopher Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, I thought it'd be cool to pay homage to the comic version of Bane.

I'm a huge fan of the Knightfall story in the comic books back in the day. It strikes me that a lot of people who don't even know who Bane is (let's pretend the Batman & Robin thing never happened) are soon to find out about this bad boy. I can't wait.

In a similar vein, I'd like to share a bit of art by SP fan Kyle, who sent along his brilliant Simpson-centric re-creation of the "Joker bashing Robin with a crowbar" scene from A Death In The Family. Also posted below are his Springfield tributes to Michael Jackson and Prince. Good stuff, Kyle!


  1. OMG Your Punx of BANE ROCKS!!!!!

  2. This one reminds me on of the croc master (G.I.Joe)... btw any plans to draw some g.i.joe/cobra guys?

  3. Awesome! How about Henry Cavill as Superman now? Since he after all is the new Superman! =D

  4. Hi Dean I am fan of your blog. I made an animation called Homer Homer-Spider. It was pretty cool, watch it on my blog: digoartedesenhos.blogspot.com
    Hug your friend from Brazil, Rodrigo.

  5. Billy, I did Duke and Cobra Commander, they're posted under April of '09 in the archive.

    Anon, once I find out what the suit looks like, I probably will.

    digoarte, that is pretty cool indeed! :)

  6. Whatever that thing in B&R was, it looked like it was wearing a giant unitard. So not Bane. I'm a big fan of Knightfall too; I was actually going through old comics and reminiscing the night before the announcement...
    Keep up the Awesomeness!

  7. Bane don't use poison enymore...

  8. Cool! Any chance on seeing Bane's current teammates (the rest of the Secret Six)? A Catman would be awesome!