February 13, 2012

A Classic Doctor Who Companion, Some Wrestling and Some Marvel.

Ian Chesterton

Going back in time a bit today... One of the first companions on Doctor Who was this fellow, Ian Chesterton.
He was a friend of this fellow, the First Doctor:

More Ian below...

Also today, Thomas is a wrestling fan and has sent in this cool piece based on Springfield Punx art, featuring a truckload of famous wrestlers, especially a tribute to Canada's own Bret "The Hitman" Hart! 

And Daniel has sent in his version of Marvel's Red Skull, as well as a really cool Hawkeye!


  1. I love the smile on Hawkeye lol. Really good, as always. Cheers.

  2. Well you stared it now...... now we want Barbara and Susan to make the First group of traveling companions.

    How about an interior of the Tardis. would make a smashing wallpaper.

  3. So, so awesome to see Ian in this style! Hope you'll consider doing Barbara too eventually. They just go together, can't have one without the other... :D

  4. Thanks so much for this look back to one of the first companions. Fantastic!

  5. missing you already realized that the string of the bow