February 28, 2012

Marvel Comics - Moon Knight!

Moon Knight

I've had some requests for the cool looking Marvel Comics character "Moon Knight" - I thought it was a fun idea, so here he is!


  1. Great to see an some what under used Marvel Charactor get the treatment

    Any Thoughts on doing any Olympic Champions ? I know that would be kind of hard especially finding people that translate well and the viewers know.... Or what about a Present for "OUR" Queen. 60 years on the Throne she deserves the PUNX treatment. I think she is famous enough.... one would hope. She has been pained by many a famous and imfamous artist over the years. Who knows if Lizzie likes it you could be invited for tea at the Palace.

  2. lol Noel 9, i also agree a Queen Punx would be great. also i was looking at the Smallville week AWESOME!!!!!!, would you consider doing more characters, Cyborg, Aquaman, Impulse, Lional Luthor, Black Canary, Zatanna etc :D
    Will :)

  3. can you make black panther?

  4. he is like one of the most awesome marvel heroes, even if not to many people know him(too bad :(), well ... me gusta