June 28, 2012

George Michael

George Micheal

Well, I drew him. I don't listen to his music myself, but I drew him. Will I post something more in keeping with the usual next time? Well...you gotta have faith.

And for some fan stuff today, I wanted to share these:

Cliff has put together his version of some of the companions to go along with my 5th Doctor. Nyssa of Traken, Adric and Tegan. Nice!

Andreas has used the SP Avengers punx to put together a cool Avengers image!

Hansel has sent in his version of the Damian Wayne Robin Punx...

And Ximo has modded the Ninja Turtles Punx into what I can only call the "Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles! Cool idea :)


  1. Thanks for this! I'm a big fan of George Michael! Actually, I asked you to draw him a long time ago! I'd like to see some other version of him (Wham!, "Fastlove", "Outside", today). I gotta hava faith! :)

    Carlo from Italy

  2. Please I beg draw up a Craig Owens played by James Corden it Doctor Who! It would be amazing!!

  3. Very good cartoon of George Michael ! Congratulations ^^

  4. It's not Damian Wayne, it's Tim Drake Robin from Batman: Arkham City.

  5. EnglishBloke45672August 1, 2012 at 7:53 AM

    Could you make harry potter?

  6. why don't you listent to his music? he's very good singer and songrwriter, i'm only 15 and i'm in love with his music, seriuosly he's divine <3 cheers, and thank for ur drawing, i love it :D

  7. I love George and i think your drawing is great, thank you :)