June 21, 2012

Owl City?

Talon Assassin (from Scott Snyder's "Batman - Night of Owls" storyline)

I received a suggestion to draw a Talon Assassin from Scott Snyder's excellent "Night of Owls" storyline happening right now in DC Comics' Batman titles, in which the shadowy Court of Owls (who have been secretly influencing Gotham City for a long time) has decided to go launch their assault on Gotham and send out their zombie-like assassins to do the job. This is the first one Batman had to wrestle with.

If you like comics or are into Batman, you should check out Snyder's run. It's been a great ride so far!


  1. you could do the solomon Grundy batman arkham city

  2. you could do the green hornet

  3. can u PLZ do the Batman villain named Black Mask? he would o cool as a simpson character.

  4. FANTASTIC as always! Big fan of the Court of Owls story arch and a big fan of your work as well Dean keep it up! :)