August 21, 2012

The Shadow Knows!

The Shadow

From the "wow, why haven't I drawn that character yet" file comes a cool vintage character with a cool, spooky look - The Shadow. 

The Shadow is my favorite of those old Pulp heroes, though I guess that's no surprise given that I'm also a big Batman fan and the Shadow was an influence in the creation of Batman.

Where I live, there's a station that plays old radio shows every night, and The Shadow is frequently featured. Even if I'm busy and can't concentrate on the show, it's just cool to have it on because of the mysterious atmosphere it creates in the room.

I even enjoyed the 1994 Alec Baldwin movie for what it was. I understand The Shadow is busy in his own new comic right now too. Maybe we'll see him again on the big screen sometime soon?

For reader-submitted stuff today, it's an image manip Red Hulk and Punx Avengers collage from Sadik:

  well as some Iron-Man/Tony Stark art from Joseph. Thanks guys!   


  1. you could do the spirit because like I think it looks a shadow

  2. Hey great drawing and thanks for posting my ironman/ tony stark drawing!!!

  3. i thought about asking for a shadow a week ago, thanks for you mediunic powers dude! it´s one of your best punx evah!

  4. Old radio show heroes ? what about a Classic Lone Ranger or Superman...... or The British Dick Barton Special Agent ( he may be too unknown outside the UK )

    With Halloween coming up, How about doing a series of classic monsters as per the Universal Studios Films. Boris, Lon and Bela would look great PUNX-ED

    This is still my favourite site....

  5. What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows. Good work Dean. Keep it up.

  6. Thanks guys!

    noel, that is something to think about.

  7. I was about to suggest The Spirit, but it appears somebody beat me too it!

  8. I really like The Shadow in Punx Style, He between Batman and The Mask are my childhood heroes =D

  9. Very funny these pics are , I love this blog , Thanks for such a big entertain