August 1, 2012


Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Scarlet Spider

I haven't read the Ultimate Spider-Man comic lately - featuring an alternate universe where the new Spidey is Miles Morales, a young man who has taken up the slack for the late Peter Parker - but from everything I hear about the comic right now, he's a good Spider-Man. 

Also here is the new Scarlet Spider! Both of these guys have pretty cool suits which are great takes on the Spidey costume.

To showcase some fan art as well, here's one based on the Avengers, put together by Joseph!


  1. Cool and thx for posting the pic I made. When are you going to post your next punx?

    1. Well, I don't really have a set date at the moment. Feel free to email me if ya want.

  2. i thought it would be ben reilly´s scarlet

  3. You could do Nightwing in Batman arkham city

  4. hey there, lookin great as always. have u heard of the batman character called the black mask? could u plz make him into a punx? thx

  5. Hello Dean!

    Really great! Few days ago I've "found" your Blog in the www... I love your work. Funny and creative! Thanks for all the amazing pictures and lots of laughs! :)

    By the way: I've send you an e-mail, so may you look in your spam. ;)

    Regards, Soda.

  6. Coool You Did It.. AWESOME & THANKS ;)

  7. Dean, Great Job u've done)) Please can you make Christian Bale