October 23, 2012

Top Gear's "The Stig"

The Stig


If you've seen the show Top Gear, you know who the Stig is. Well, not exactly who he is, but you know what he does. He's one of many cool things about that show. 

The great thing about Top Gear is that for a show about cars, you don't have to be into cars to enjoy it, y'know?

Anyway, also today - I was sent another one of those awesome little metal pathtags, this one featuring my Tom Baker Doctor and K-9. Awesome! I can't figure out exactly who the sender is though, if it's you, let me know so I can thank you!


  1. plase make John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)of the DKR

  2. Boom. I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out my blog and see what it means!

  3. Great as usual, Dean.

    Any chance of a tribute to James Bond in time for the release of Skyfall next month?

  4. Hey Dean, brilliant as ever! Have you considered doing the Red Dwarf crew in a Punx style? Seeing as it is now back on our screens! Also I hope we'll be getting some more Doctor Who work soon!

  5. Hi, I'm making a Father's Day card for a friend, was wondering if u minded me using your image?

    1. Oh, I don't mind it as far as my end of it goes (plus it's not something to sell after all), sounds like a cool idea, thanks.