February 19, 2013

It's a WHOsday! The Judoon

The Judoon

 It's the one of those quirky, favorite Doctor Who monsters, the Judoon! These Rhino-looking mercenaries are pretty cool aliens.

Cliff has contributed another DW image too, here's what he says about it: "Back to the 5th Doctor, seeming I haven’t done one of his for a while, not really my favourite Doc, and his enemies were a bit rubbish, however, I’ve done one of his more famous ones.  Sharak Jez and his Robot, plus the 5th Doctor and Peri,  from an episode called “the Caves of Androzani"

1 comment:

  1. Dean,..... your Judoons are excellent.
    I was kinda pleased with my Judoons, until I have just seen yours...... so good..... Cliff