April 2, 2013

A WHOsday; "Series 7B" 11th Doctor

Matt Smith 11th Doctor

It's good to see some new adventures of the Doctor, as it's been a (well, another) long wait. I don't mind the Doctor's updated outfit at all either. In fact, this season/series 7B of Doctor Who looks like it's going to be pretty fun - I mean, riding a motorcycle up the side of a tower? That's cool ;) Look for more Doctor Who stuff here in the future too!


  1. Replies
    1. that is a disgrace to the doctor who fans who see this dan

  2. Cool. One of my favourite things about new episodes of Doctor Who is knowing that you'll be posting a new Punx about it a few days later. Great work as usual.

    I agree that this new series looks great. New Ice Warriors, new Cybermen and just announced today is the new Zygons, not to mention David Tennant's coming back for the 50th as officially confirmed by the BBC last week.

  3. Wait? You think the few months between halves of season 7 is a wait? Hah! You young Whovians have no sense of what a wait is! Some of us, who were old school "Who" fans back in the '80s, had to wait SIXTEEN YEARS for new "Who", and the only thing we had to tide us over was a subpar TV movie (although with a great new Doctor). Don't come complaining to me about how long the wait is between episodes, you little Punx! And get off my lawn!