June 20, 2013

Clara Oswald

Doctor Who's Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman)
 A regular version of Clara today.

Also as far as DW stuff, Willowbay has contributed this Cyberwoman (Lisa Hallet), Jenny, Kahler-Jex (A Town Called Mercy), and Vampire lady (Vampires in Venice) for you.

Also, check out this great Greatest American Hero by David (davidgrim.net, twitter; @davidgrim)


  1. Amazing! The Doctor Who posts are my favorite ones. Waiting for 6th and 7th Doctor, and wondering how they would be in Punx style...

  2. Wow this is really awesome work on doctor who you should do Buffy the vampire slayer characters and Angel characters

  3. Very Nice Work, I Agree with Igor, and classic Cybermen in Punx style too. Greetings and continue with your great work Dean.

  4. Oh it's very cool!
    Can you do more sporty (i love football), please.
    Thank you