June 27, 2013

Super Mario's Princess Peach

Princess Peach (From Super Mario games)
I'm discovering that these Mario characters are quite fun to draw!

Anyway, more great Doctor Who Punx from Cliff, including a bunch of companions for the 2nd Doctor, and Cassandra!


  1. When for the doctor 6th, 7th and john hurt?

  2. Hi Dean, it's Adelaide.
    I discovered your amazing blog recently, so I just want to let you know that I really love the way you draw these characters!

    A big hug for all those awesome Joker / Batman drawings, I'm a big fan of these two guys!
    Maybe, if you're bored some day, you could draw the Batman:Arkham Asylum version of Scarecrow?

    Anyway, keep it up! You got yourself a new fan :)

  3. Heya Dean
    I love your work!
    I hope you don't mind, i used your princess peach as a profile pic on my FB for a short period of time (for a peach themed project), i have the pic linked to this site here and credited to you of course, i hope this provides traffic for you, if it bothers you, i will take it down of course, much respect =)

    1. No problem as far as I'm concerned, thanks for the comment!