February 6, 2014

Cap'n Crunch!

Cap'n Crunch
Just wanted to do a character who's face I've seen many a morning in my youth... Cap'n Crunch. Good memories of this guy. I know his cereal is not necessarily everybody's cup of tea, but you can still find me indulging in a bowl of it on occasion... and remember...

You and the Cap'n make it happen!

Some more fan stuff today, George has started a tumblr - justlikethesimpsons.tumblr.com - with some of his Simpsons-style drawings, including his renditions of Tris and Four from the book Divergent!
And also is Rj - https://www.facebook.com/dwfanart.rjsykes - with a Dr. Who Punx line-up he has put together, including his rendition of the 12th! Click image to embiggen!

1 comment:

  1. Can you make a simpson version of the new style of the joker with his skin face mask please, i really like him !
    Thanks dean.