February 14, 2014

Captain America (Winter Soldier Version)

Captain America (from "The Winter Soldier" movie)

Pretty self-explanitory, Cap in his spiffy new outfit for the new movie - A costume I was not a fan of at first, but have really warmed up to it... If you'll pardon the pun :)

And Cliff is back again! He's done up a bunch more Doctor Who Punx; He says; "I’ve done another set of villains from an episode with the 10th Doctor, called  “Human Nature"/"Family of Blood"   
Thanks Cliff! (click images to enlarge) -


  1. Wow that looks fantastic! Keep up the great work Dean!

  2. Wow that looks fantastic Dean! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi there, could you please try and do some of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" Marvel characters as the trailer has just come out.

  4. "'The Winter Soldier' not only satisfies with its plentiful action scenes, it also offers some intriguing commentary on the current political and world climate, and turns out to be a sterling character piece."