June 27, 2014

Let Zygons Be Zygons

Zygon (from Doctor Who)
It was time for another Doctor Who post, so here's another great Who monster, a Zygon.


Some great new submissions to share with you, check these out...

I now know for sure that Matt Smith has seen my SP rendition of him! Ben got to meet Matt at a convention and had him sign this Punx Doctor Who image. Awesome! Ben has also sent in a cool DW-Portal mashup image!

A very fun set by Dylan from looniebincomics.com that pretty much explains itself -

An awesome homemade Eccleston Doctor Who DVD cover by Phillip Austen!

And a funny "Comic Book Guy" idea from Jesse -


  1. Brilliant as always Dean! It sort of looks like you took inspiration from both the new -design Zygons, and the classic-design too!

    By the way, I know I am constantly asking for you to draw things - but I am just interested; do you have any plans on drawing the cast of 'Game of Thrones'? I'd like to see your take on such characters!