July 4, 2014

DC's New 52 Aquaman

Aquaman (New 52 version)
Fulfilling a request, and a character I did want to do an update of anyway, here's my favorite sea-loving superhero (and possibly future member of the cinematic Justice League, portrayed by Jason Momoa if the rumors turn out to be true) - Aquaman! For good measure, here's a new classic version too! 

UPDATE! Thanks again also go out to Brian & Pathtags.com. Brian sent me this awesome Star Wars Punx themed pathtag. Thanks Brian, looks great!



  1. Can you do all 3 lineups of The Wiggles please. Ya know, 2 with Murray,Sam,Greg and Jeff and 1 with Emma,Lachy and Simon (Lucky Anthony ain't going anywhere, He's the band's only blue wiggle)

  2. Please Namor and his wife and clone Namorita