January 4, 2011

The First Avenger!

Captain America (movie version)

Well it's a new year, and I thought it might be fun to look ahead to some of the movies that are coming in 2011.

It seems like they're investing a lot of energy in this Captain America; The First Avenger movie. As far as casting, I don't mind Chris Evans at all actually, I find him to be a pretty likable guy. Here's hoping that it all pays off!


  1. Great Job, it`s magnific.
    Can you make a draw based on "THE EXPENDABLES"?


  2. Nice movie Capt America..... does this mean that we can look forward to a movie Thor from you very soon too.

    I liked your early Marvel & DC heroes, and would ask for all your fans to revisit this work, which is great.

    Missing Whosdays already.

    ps what about steve rogers in uniform or cap in his ww2 helmet

  3. I just became a follower because I spend so much time looking through your SP archives, anyway. I love your stuff, especially the Doctor Who. Any chance you could do a Sherlock Holmes series (lots to choose from, there) or the new Star Trek? I know; you get requests all the time. Thanks, and keep up the fine work. PS I'm on deviantart.

  4. batmanjoker95 he already has