January 18, 2012

Alexander the Great!

Alexander Ovechkin

If you've been following this blog for very long, you know that I'm Canadian, and we Canadians are a hockey-loving sort. It was high time that I gave the Punx treatment to one of the most talented and most colorful players in the NHL - Alexander Ovechkin, Russian-born captain of the Washington Capitals. In a league where the players are largely considered by many as "bland", it's nice to have an exuberant and interesting guy like Ovechkin around.

Included is his well-known scruffy look as well as a clean-shaven version of Ovie. 

I also wanted to share something cool by Steven at http://www.backtothetrivia.com who has repurposed my Doc and Marty Punx to create what turns out to be a really cool DVD label. Nice!


  1. Great job with Ovechkin! I had to laugh at the trademark missing teeth. I really feel bad for all those hockey players who get their teeth knocked out. Must hurt alot.

    Wow, great collab. It looks amazing. You must be very excited to have your drawings on everyday objects even if it's just for fun and not profit.

  2. Go, Caps! Love your stuff; some of the best 'mash-ups' on the web. And then the extra fun of seeing a local hero on your site! (I'm a DC girl, if you hadn't figured that out.)

  3. I have to admit I was disappointed that it wasn't the Alexander the Great I was expecting.

    I love to see some fantasy characters, Dean. =) Such as Hercules and Xena.

    Love the work