January 31, 2012

Some Batman Movie Extras

Scarecrow (straight jacket version)

Gotham Mayor Garcia (Nestor Carbonell)

Hey all, just wanted to pick up on a couple more Nolan Bat-film characters and throw them up here. The straight jacket Scarecrow was a cool variation that I wanted to do, and seeing that I had a Nestor Carbonell head sitting around from the LOST series, I figured I might as well whip up a Gotham City Mayor Garcia.

A couple more things to share quickly as well;

Here's a very fun and creative Punx-inspired Doctor Who/Futurama piece by Jacob! He's got some more work like this at his online home

Luis has been busy at work on his blog drawing a bunch of cool stuff, including Superman from the upcoming Man of Steel movie and the Hulk from Avengers. Check it out!

Thanks again for visiting guys, more Punx are on the way.


  1. Hey, I like your work. Is it possible for you to display my Simpsons characters that I'm working on?

  2. This Scarecrow was excellent!
    Man, I really love your work!

    Could I make a suggestion?
    I'd like to see Don Vito Corleone designed by you.

  3. Dean you are a sucker!