January 5, 2012

Doctor Who - The Sontarans!

Doctor Who fans have been requesting that I do this one for a long time, so I'm pleased to finally be posting it - The Sontarans! I've included a bunch of variations for you "army-builders".

I'm also posting a new version of classic Who villain "Omega" - They've recently come out with an Omega action figure, but confusingly, he has sort of a blue-ish or purple-ish color to him. All the photos I can find of him online seem to show a greenish color, so I donno. Go figure.


  1. Although I've never really liked Sontarans, I guess this is worthy of typing out loud, "Sontar-Ha!"

  2. I watched the episode with Omega (The Three Doctors) and that helmet and he's definitely greenish in that.. but depending on the lighting, some shorts have his arms appearing bluer. So ehhh..

  3. Wow. These are aweseome. I was worried that you'd had enough of drawing Doctor Who.

    The Sontarans look good. I don't think the series ever beat the look of the first one in the Time Warrior - a costume which nearly killed the actor and was subsequently modified to be safer if a little less life-like.

    IMHO, Omega looks better with blue but in actual fact, it's probably just someone confused by the CSO.

  4. There's a photo of Omega in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, and he's definitely in blue. I imagine that his costume was blue, but due to the iridescent nature of the cloak, it picked up the studio lights and looked green.

  5. I haven't really watched too many of the esisodes from the old version so I wouldn't know. I should go ask my dad. He loves the old version.
    I prefer the new one better (what a great special they made this year!).

    I've actually been looking at your work for quite some time now.
    I just realized you are a blogger.
    You're art is amazing. I love the Simpsons and Doctor Who and your blend of the two styles is magnificent!

    I look forward to seeing many more Who art in the future.

  6. (Bradley ede......again!!) i love the sontarans. i love Omega aswell ,even tho i havent seen the epesode?, i love torchwood and the shara jane adventures aswell as doctor who so can you please make some of those (because i wan't to learn how to draw them) THANK YOU!!!!!