March 22, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men; Spider-Woman vs Beast

Spider-Woman, Beast

So there's this "Avengers Vs X-Men" thing going on right now in Marvel Comics, and I knew it was a good time to get to some oft-requested, fun-to-draw characters I hadn't done yet - A gal with a great costume, Spider-Woman, and the furry blue X-man (who looks really cool when he wears his glasses) named Beast.

Some more great fan submitted, Punx inspired stuff today as well - Glenn is back with his drawing of "Person of Interest" character Carter:

And some great drawings, including a "Desmanhattan" sent in by Ximo. Check it out!


  1. Great Drawing of Jessica Drew and Henry McCOY.. Especially as you have done the 1970's version of the Beast. Classic Beast not the modern day CAT !

    It is always a joy to visit your site

    Best Wishes

  2. Hey Dean! Your Springfield Punx work inspired me to do this:
    Is a simpsonified version from the lead characters from the upcoming hero flick The Amazing Spider-Man.
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy you artwork!