March 9, 2012

Doctor Who - The Second Doctor!

Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor


Well here's another one of the Doctors (and his flute...correction, it's a recorder!) from Doctor Who - the second iteration, played Patrick Troughton. His is a Doctor that many hold dear today, and Matt Smith (the current Doctor) has even cited Troughton as his favorite Doctor, so there you go!

And now for some art from friends of SP! Check out this cool art by Patrick! He has done his version of the first Doctor, and he has even turned yours truly into a Futurama style head-in-a-jar!

Noel from It's A Dawg's Life wanted to share his take on the Scooby Doo gang. Nice!


  1. Nice, Dean! Can we get a 3rd Doctor too? (I'm pushy, I know)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for these 'Doctor Who' cartoons, they are great. One little comment, it is not a flute, it is a recorder.

  3. Patrick T was MY DOCTOR as I remember the change over from old to new very well. As the New Doctor he added a Fun factor to the charactor. William was the Grumpy old grandfather, whilst Patrick was the Mad Grumpy old Clown. Which is very much copied by Matt Smith.

    Dr number two (or WHO TWO ! ) is not complete without his Trade Mark Yeti overcoat.... tied up with string of course.

    With DR Number two came the Ice Warriors.... scarey mainly due to their soft voicessssssssssss. Yesssssss Creepyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. haha he looks awesome! cant wait to see if you do the other doctors, only 3,6,7 & 8 to go :-P

  5. Dean's probably saving up to buy all the ink he'd need for 6's coat. :D

    Looks great Dean! :)

  6. 1] Brilliant!
    2] He looks like he`s about to bash someone over the head the way he`s holding that recorder!
    3] Is it just me or does he remind you of Officer Dibble?
    4] Please, please, PLEASE can we have Jon Pertwee next? Ta much.


    Thats just perfect! I mean, he is my favorite Doctor, i was waiting for it =)

  8. Two! Yay! \o/

    Looks awesome! :)

  9. Dean - You have captured Patrick Troughton perfectly. I don't know how you d-Who it! Roll on your version of Jon Pertwee, another of the great Doctors!

  10. Thanks Dean you've made me extremely Ecstatic!
    Doctor Who Podshock & The2ndDoctors Podcast.

  11. This is pure awesomeness... how do you do it?!
    Just a small request - you don't need to do it, but I'd really love it if you did Sherlock from the BBC series - here's the website for more info -
    I'm a massive fan of this series!